Introducing V1.0

Where did we come from?

We're proud to have launched our first version of As both Warping Ableton and WarpMyMusic have references to Ableton Live, we've found the names were becoming increasingly confusing to our clients, as we offer a much wider range of music services than just Ableton Live music preparation.

What's improved? has been an idea on the agenda for over a year and has come into the world much bigger and better than our older websites. New features include:

  • A bullet proof internal file transfer system - no need for FTP any more. With our new automated system, all you need to do is login, drag and drop your files, and then click Send once uploaded. The system will message us immediately and we'll get on with the work ASAP.
  • A new wizard to help you choose the right service for your music. Now you can find the right service by answering a few simple questions.
  • Finally, we've moved to new, much faster servers!

Final message

The web address and name may be different, but we are the same dedicated music helpers that we've always been! :-)

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Mark's avatarThis article was written by Mark Cochrane. Having mixed for more than half of his life, and being reffered to today as middle aged by his "loving" wife, he's been around the block a few too many times. From the first DJ mixers with EQs in the 90s, on to CDJs, and finally into the minefield of vastly ranging DJ and studio software.
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