Rekordbox Beatgrid Service for Rekordbox DJs

Rekordbox Beatgrid Service for perfect automationOur Beatgrid Service for Rekordbox DJ's provides precisely set beatgrids in Rekordbox by ear (not eye), ensuring that you get pin-point precision in every beatgrid for seamless automated mixing in Rekordbox.

BPM Editing Considerations: Was your music produced before the year 2000? Was it recorded with live musicians or recorded from a vinyl record? If the answers to these questions are yes, then your music will need some BPM Editing before it can be pin-point accurately set within a beatgrid in Rekordbox.

If the answers are no, then your music can have a beatgrid set right now.

How it works!

All work is guaranteed 100% Satisfaction, and we try to complete work within 24 hours of receiving your files on week days.

What you get back

You'll get back a database file in xml format that can be easily imported into your collection. Simply download the the xml file that we provide and import it. It's that simple!

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Beatgrid Tracks in Rekordbox - $1.15 USD per track
Beatgrid your music in Rekordbox with this beatgrid service!
Beatgrid your tracks in Rekordbox!

Why add cue points?

We'll add cue points (sometimes called hot cue points) at key important points throughout the track. You can use these cue points to jump to important parts of the track instantly and seamlessly during your performance, e.g. skip to the break down early or instantly jump to the point where the track really kicks off -- or flick back and forth between points to tease your audience.

What is mastering & key discovery?

Mastering brings all your music files to the same level dynamically without damaging or clipping the audio. It also finds the key of your tracks for harmonic mixing.
Optional: Tell us the location of your music on your hard drive to ensure you can easily import our beatgrids and cuepoints from the xml file. This isn't essential as it can be added later. A typical location would look like: C:/Users/Tom/Music/.