Download the Ableton Live 10 Warping Course - £29.99


Download the Ableton Live Warping Course

Learn to warp any type of audio file in Ableton LiveWe are proud to present the online Ableton Live Warping Course. Download and learn how to warp any music in Ableton Live. Save the time it takes to discover how to warp music and learn to warp everything now from the professionals.

This course teaches different warping technqiues throughout its stages so that you develop a solid warping strategy. After you have mastered your warping strategy you will have the tools to warp full tracks of any genre with confidence in Ableton Live. The course includes:

STAGE ONE: House, Techno & Trance

Three videos (47mins)

An introduction to warping in Ableton Live.

How to warp song. 

How to warp track.

STAGE TWO: Hip Hop, Chill Out & Breakbeat

Three videos (40mins):

How to warp hip hop.

How to warp chill out.

How to warp non generic drum formations. 


Three videos (30mins):

How to warp DnB.

How to warp IDM.

How to warp Dubstep.

STAGE FOUR: Ambient Music & Live Music

Two videos (28mins)

How to warp ambient music.

How to warp live music (recorded by a live band). 

STAGE FIVE: Acapella tracks

One video (15 mins):

How to warp acapella tracks in Ableton Live. 

Download VLC PlayerWe recommend that you use VLC player to watch our videos, its the best free open source video player available and it comes with a huge range of codecs to view almost everything correctly. Download VLC player here.

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What is mastering & key discovery?

Mastering brings all your music files to the same level dynamically without damaging or clipping the audio. It also finds the key of your tracks for harmonic mixing.