BPM Editing Service - Fix BPM of Music to Beatgrid in DJ Software

Some music will not beatgrid well or auto sync properly in DJ software due to its imperfect timing. Often recordings that are live, were produced using older studio technology (roughly before the year 2000) or recorded from vinyl have an unsteady BPM. Common genres with BPM problems that drift in beatgrids and stop auto sync from functioning properly include: disco, funk, jazz, rock, blues, folk; even 80's and 90's music can be problematic.

Modern electronic music is different from these types of audio recordings, as it has been made in a digital studio environment that sequences tracks to be pinpoint precise. Usually, older music hasn't been made this way. In addition, any music can be affected by the small drifts in time that are introduced by playback via vinyl or tape during its recording, and live music is at the mercy of the musicians at the time of recording. All of these issues cause bad timing that confuses mix automation.

We will correct the BPM of your tracks to make them uniform enough to beatgrid them easily and auto sync in DJ software. Do you need to beatgrid your music for Traktor as well?

How it works!

All work is guaranteed 100% Satisfaction, and we try to complete work within 72 hours of receiving your files on weekdays.

What you get back

You'll receive new BPM edited files that you can easily beatgrid and auto sync in your DJ software. We carefully remove all of the tiny timing errors throughout the audio and bounce it to new files.


Due to the time-consuming nature of the BPM editing process, the initial cost covers the first 5 minutes of audio. We reserve the right to request £1 per extra minute for tracks that are over 5 minutes long, but please note that there will be no hidden charges, as we will make our request before we carry out the work.

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BPM Edit Music - $7.77 USD per track

Fix bad timing in music with this time correction service!
Edit bad timing to fix unsteady bpm in music and create a new file without the bad timing.

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