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Brought to you by Warping Ableton Brought to you by was launched by Warping Ableton & WarpMyMusic as a joint effort to move away from earlier Ableton Live references that were becoming confusing and didn't reflect the evolution of our DJ services over the years.  Both came into existence in 2007 to provide Ableton Live specific services to DJs in the US (WarpMyMusic) and other countries worldwide (Warping Ableton). But, developments over the following 10 years saw the digital DJ landscape change significantly after many DJs made the move to digital and the technology continued to develop - while we expanded our range of services and become more than just Ableton Live people.

Who are we?

Today, presents our range of diverse DJ services offered by a network of experienced DJs, music producers and music professionals. Our main expertise are focused on working with recordings, and we confidently boast of an experienced approach to music preparation in Ableton Live and Traktor; as well as a range of careful time editing techniques that take into account sound quality retention, plus extensive mastering and sound recording experience.

Our services

Our DJ services always aim to meet your requirements. Just ask if you have any special requests. Last minute work for your DJ sets is possible subject to our availability at the time. Once again, send us a quick message and we'll get back to you to let you know if we are available to work to your tight deadline or not.

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