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We set cue points and beatgrids in Rekordbox by ear

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How to import beatgrids, cue points and tags using Rekordbox XML

Import beatgrids, cue points & tags into Rekordbox with XML

I know what you're thinking. What's this XML nonsense got to do with DJing? And, you're right to think that way, because we are performers, not silicone valley engineers tasked with making the next AI that will ultimately make us all cower under our dining tables as it seeks and destroys all humans -- too much?

Why won't some music fit into a beatgrid in DJ software?

Editing the timing of all music to automate in DJ software

DJ software has developed into such a sophisticated solution that it is changing the way we all look at DJing. When I first started mixing in the 90's, I used 1210s; these were fun, but also a lot of work. There was a constant need to press and push records to maintain the near perfect alignment of both tracks for smooth mixes. You could get it so that the track you were bringing in needed a minimal amount of manipulation during the actual mixing process, but that would take time and effort. The result of this way of mixing is, of course, the development of a finely tuned ear for lining up tunes, but the down side was the limited available time to think about the actual performance in the moment.

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